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Our story of health, wellness, and our custom line of enhancements.

    What is Southeast Body Tech?

    Southeast Body Tech is a member of the Southeast family of health care offices, along with Southeast Spine and Pain Center. Southeast Body Tech is a vision of the health and recovery. This isn’t simply going to a doctor because of a pain or dysfunction. This is taking your health in your own hands and becoming more. Becoming enhanced. 

    The Evolution of Dr. Green.

    As a young man, Dr. Brian Green felt a calling to help people. From working with volunteer groups, and youth groups, to his career path, he found himself naturally gravitating to helping people. He enlisted in the Marine Corps shortly after his first year of college. He was looking for a new challenge and a new way of helping. He knew he would be able to help a whole nation by serving. While in the course of serving this great nation, he sustained injuries that unfortunately cut his military career short.

    He spent the next 8 years in corporate management, helping companies create profitable locations. After many years of working 60+ hours a week, and dealing with the consequences of his injuries, he decided to make a change. A mentor convinced him that he could be a good Chiropractor. That’s when it really clicked. He could continue to help people through becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. Through the Chiropractic care he had been receiving, he was able to walk without a limp, and decrease some of the pain he had been experiencing. He applied and was accepted into the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Sherman College in 2012.

    While attending graduate school, he learned so much more about the body, and healing, than he ever thought possible. A professor at the school who taught rehabilitation had a huge impact on how Dr. Green saw injuries and treatment options. He began to learn more from him, following his advice; which turned out to be invaluable. Dr. Green was constantly searching for the best for himself, and his patients. The best analysis, the best treatment, the best care, and the best health. That’s where Dr. Green realized he could have a larger impact.

    The Birth of Body Tech Enhancements.

    That’s where Dr. Green realized he could have a larger impact. Instead of bringing a product to market like these big corporations simply for money, he could bring a top quality product, a body enhancement, that was a quality he could not find elsewhere.

    Dr. Green found a laboratory where he could get the enhancements made with top quality ingredients. This lab is tested and/or certified by national and global organizations that ensure good manufacturing practices (GMP) in our industry. The enhancement products are also manufactured in an SQF-certified facility that strictly adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as outlined by the Food and Drug Administration. 

    Dr. Green researched the current conditions to find what would make the most impact for the world. The first products of Body Tech Enhancements were selected, and production began. We are proud to bring you our products to market. 


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