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    Spread the Word!!!

    We are pleased to announce that several hundred news affiliates have ran our press release!!! We couldn’t be more thrilled with the willingness to spread the good word. Here is

    Citicoline and the Brain

    We focus a lot on the “Brain Fog” phenomenon, and seek to bring you the best information available today. Here is a scholarly article, peer reviewed and published, concerning citicoline

    Peripheral Neuropathy

    Peripheral Neuropathy, Disease or Symptom? Peripheral Neuropathy is a word that gets used a lot in this day and age. Have foot pain? Neuropathy. Get tingling in your feet? Neuropathy.

    Brain Health

    Brain health. It’s not something we hear people talk about, unless it’s already something bad. We hear dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s all over the place. We don’t hear about how


    Welcome to the home of the Bodytech blog. Welcome to all our Southeast Spine and Pain Center members and our Southeast Bodytech members. Here is where we will bring you

    When did this happen???

    Welcome back to Bodytech Blog. I’m your host Dr Green, a.k.a. The BodytechDoc!!! Today we have a little tale I like to call “When did this happen?” Picture it. You’re


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